Our commitment is to deliver quality.

Crop Analysis
We identify the best crop for the best of nuts. It is made sure that the crops are identified for all seasons.

Each nut is hand-picked to ensure Good Quality RCN and the poor ones are removed at their origins.

Treating of RCN
All shipment are carefully inspected for infestation , moisture level which are possible to occur during the transit this make sure that the best only reaches the factories.

Our infrastructure with modern machinery and experienced skillful workers helps to maximize our production. The In-House Quality Assurance Division ensures the product quality at each every stage.

Packing Center
The world class packaging systems in our packing centre ensure quality of the kernels.

Sales And Dispatch
We have worldwide marketing network to ensure customer satisfaction and after sales service.


  • Cashew nut contains more than 80 nutrients and no cholesterol content in it
  • Cashew nuts have high levels of Magnesium which help in having strong bones
  • Origin of cashew nuts is in Costa Rica.
  • Cashew nuts help lower heart disease and weight loss
  • Various fats in Cashew nuts help increase brain function and improve your memory